Our farm market is closed for the summer but you can still order online, while supplies last!
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The Farmers

Urban Oasis Hydroponic Farm is owned and operated by Cathy and Dave Hume.

Dave has lifelong experience working outdoors with plants and trees and shrubs, and learning about the Tampa growing environment and the challenges that are unique to our area. Cathy’s career was spent indoors learning how to organize and manage the hectic daily responsibilities of several Tampa lawyers. We wondered what we could possibly work at together that could use both of our hard learned know-how. 

In 2007 we happened upon a local news story about a hydroponic tower farm that grows mainly strawberries. That news story led to lots of research and questions and study and luck. Urban Oasis Hydroponic Farm was created in 2008 with the intention of providing local, organically grown, freshly picked produce direct from the farmer to the consumer.  Since then, we have worked tirelessly to grow flavorful, nutrient dense, seasonal vegetables and make them available to our customers.  

We continue to enjoy the work we chose – including overcoming some of the obstacles that Mother Nature sends our way. But mostly, we have enjoyed all of the great friends we have made along the way. Thank you for catching our vision and being here with us on our journey.





Mason is the newest team member. He is currently studying for his Masters in Global Sustainability at USF. He loves to travel! Jurgen has worked for the farm for 4 years. He takes care of the farm and general maintenance and is a pro at getting the tough work done. He's also really funny and is constantly cracking jokes. Trista has been at the farm for one year now and is the resident sustainability specialist as well as the social media guru. She's a Florida girl who doesn't mind the heat. When she's not working, she's snacking!