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5416 W. Linebaugh Avenue, Tampa, FL  33624
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Urban Oasis Hydroponic Farm is proud to offer locally grown, farm fresh vegetables.

Our produce is grown using organic methods with no chemicals. We believe this process results in higher quality, better tasting vegetables that are high in nutrition and value.


Our vertical hydroponic growing system:

• uses sterile growing medium instead of soil

• eliminates unwanted micro-organisms that can be present in soil 

• uses growing mediums that can be re-used and recycled

• is suitable for farming on land that cannot sustain traditional dirt farming

• uses balanced plant food that is dissolved directly into water so the plant receives perfect nutrition at all times

• delivers the desired amount of food directly to the plant’s roots

• does not use animal manure fertilizer that can potentially contain bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella

• employs regular testing of the nutrient content in the water to ensure all elements are present in their desired concentrations

• uses no toxic pesticides, insecticides or herbicides

• uses no hormones or antibiotics

• uses growing methods that have little or no environmental impact


Urban Oasis Hydroponic Farm is owned and operated by Cathy and Dave Hume.

Dave has lifelong experience working outdoors with plants and trees and shrubs, and learning about the Tampa growing environment and the challenges that are unique to our area. Cathy’s career was spent indoors learning how to organize and manage the hectic daily responsibilities of several Tampa lawyers. We wondered what we could possibly work at together that could use both of our hard learned know-how. 

In 2007 we happened upon a local news story about a hydroponic tower farm that grows mainly strawberries. That news story led to lots of research and questions and study and luck. Urban Oasis Hydroponic Farm was created in 2008 with the intention of providing local, organically grown, freshly picked produce direct from the farmer to the consumer.  Since then, we have worked tirelessly to grow flavorful, nutrient dense, seasonal vegetables and make them available to our customers.  

We continue to enjoy the work we chose – including overcoming some of the obstacles that Mother Nature sends our way. But mostly, we have enjoyed all of the great friends we have made along the way. Thank you for catching our vision and being here with us on our journey.



Young Middle Magnet School - Tampa, FL

My name is Jennifer Butler and I am a teacher at Young Middle Magnet School in Tampa, Fl. I teach math along with a Project Lead the Way elective titled Green Architecture. Using grant money, we were able to purchase a 1,400 sq ft hydroponic system with 154 stackers and a 275 gallon water tank. We have also outfitted our Greenhouse with a watering system for seed germination. Urban Oasis installed all of this equipment 2 years ago and has become a wonderful partner for our school. The equipment is top quality and the support from Urban Oasis has helped us to grow our own food and show students the importance of healthy eating. Through our hydroponic system, students are learning a unique skill set and tying this knowledge to the content we are exploring in math and engineering. The experience is something they will never forget. They are so excited when they get to go outside and care for the plants or harvest the produce which we turn into delicious meals. My students feel a great sense of pride and take the responsibility seriously. I must say thank you to Urban Oasis for their expertise and support.

Land O' Lakes High School - Tampa, FL


I have used Urban Oasis for the past five years. As an Executive Chef, Instructor / Educator, I have had the privilege to work with Dave, Cathy & John. They developed our hydroponic garden to meet the required guidelines necessary for our use at our high school facility. They are very knowledgeable and qualified to design the perfect hydroponic garden from professional to novice, work with you on the construction side, then perform maintenance so you can rest assure that your investment is producing at all times. If you’re looking to develop a hydroponic garden, I highly recommend that you contact Urban Oasis Hydroponic Farm.

Michael Rigberg, CEC, CCA, AAC

ACF Tampa Bay Culinary Association, Inc. |  President

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